Victoria Sailing School

Victoria Sailing School provides sailing instruction and a sailing club. Information technology is a distraction to them. They want simple, effective tools to minimize their time in the office and maximize the time they can spend on the water. Their new web site achieves these goals by describing their offerings more clearly, taking registrations online, processing payments automatically, and providing forums for student interactions and clubhouse their sailors. Victoria Sailing School needs their web site to work on mobile devices. Their boat scheduling system needs to work from the middle of the lake. If the wind is nice and no one has the boat reserved for the next time slot, then the sailor with a mobile device can reserve it without returning to the dock.

Code Sail created Victoria Sailing Schools web site using Joomla and a carefully selected group of extensions.

Lyons Recorder

Lyons Recrder is a newspaper serving Lyons, Colorado. They're a small paper with limited resources. They wanted a web site to expand their reach without expanding their expenses. The sites highlights are clever image rotators, classified system and integration with Google Calendar and SluggerStats. Back office systems include subscriber list management.

Technologies employed are PHP, Joomla, MySQL, Google Calendar and Apache.

Linda Osmundson

Linda Osmundson is a writer living in northern Colorado. She wanted a simple, attractive site on a modest budget. She wants to edit the site on her own. But she sometimes needs someone to help her with special requests or technical details.

Technologies employed are PHP, Joomla,  MySQL and Apache.

Lyons Community Foundation

Lyons Community Foundation exists to improve the quality of life, build a culture of giving and encourage positive change for the Greater Lyons Area. They use CiviCRM to manage their donors and events.

Technologies employed are PHP, Joomla, CiviCRM, MySQL and Apache.

Storage Switch

StorageSwitch focuses on long term storage of your digital information, applying a unique approach incorporating functionality for compliance, data governance and archival requirements.

Technologies employed are PHP, Joomla,, MySQL and Apache.


Boulder Valley School District(BVSD) found itself in a difficult situation when a 3rd party vendor was unable to fulfull their contractual obligations. This included failure to provide source code which was suppose to be held in escrow. They did not want to scrap an otherwise successful system. Code Sail reverse engineered the missing libraries and extended the system for several more years of successful operation.

Technologies employed included C, MS SQL Server, Windows 2003 and IIS.


SluggerStats is an application for tracking the offensive statistics of a baseball or softball team. It is the easiest way to gather statistics. When scoring a game you focus on the batter and runner movements around the bases. SluggerStats analyzes the movements and does all the math.

Code Sail built SluggerStats from the ground up. It scores many more game than Major League Baseball each year. Technologies employed are C++, XSLT, PDF, Postgres and Apache.


IBM uses Reserve by Amplitude Softare to manage its conference rooms and shared equipment. IBM must enforce a wide selection of business policies. Its workforce and resources are located nationwide. Reserve maximizes resource utilization, minimizes real estate expense and management expense. Key components of the system include timezone coordination, custom attribute searching, time limits and user group management. It is among the largest and most widely used web applications within IBM.

IBM Global Services engaged Code Sail because of its knowledge scaling web application which make heavy use of database operations and require tight concurrency control. Technologies employed are C, DB2, AIX and Apache.

Drive Thru Online

Drive Thru Online has been building online communities using vBulletin forum software combined with our own custom products. Our products increase revenue from member and vendor features, and reduce and automate administrative and moderator tasks. Drive Thru Online now offers these cutting edge products and best practices to vBulletin communities everywhere. Professionally developed and supported full-time, our products will supercharge your vBulletin community and turn your passion into profit!

Technologies employed are PHP, vBulletin, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax and Apache.

More Than Cards

More Than provides design, coordination, printing and web-based online ordering to support your non-profit Greeting Card Program. They offer customized solutions, including offset printing and warehousing, web to press customized printing and fulfillment processes.

Code Sail developed More Than Cards' technology. Key systems include mass image processing, mass product library management, on-demand printing, application service provider infrastructure, rapid site construction and back office operations. Technologies employed include PDF, C++, XSLT, SSL, Apache and Postgres.

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