Application Hosting vs. Geek Hosting

There are many vendors selling hosting services. Most of them provide "geek hosting". They provide:

  • computer and network hardware
  • network connectivity
  • databases and web servers
  • arcane tools for configuring it all

Built into their hosting contracts is the assumption that you have geek skills yourself or you will purchase time with someone that does. 

When many hosting vendors boast of their friendly support, they fail to mention that its still technical support. Answers are friendly, prompt, accurate but still cryptic to the average person.

What if you called a geek hosting provider and asked:

  • How do I balance my web site and Facebook?
  • Can any of this new tech reduce my work load?
  • How do I address the rising use of mobile devices?

They will answer each with "I'm sorry sir/miss, that's not a service we provide."

Code Sail will take the time to understand your business problems and provide the technology to match.