Application Hosting vs. Geek Hosting

There are many vendors selling hosting services. Most of them provide "geek hosting". They provide:

  • computer and network hardware
  • network connectivity
  • databases and web servers
  • arcane tools for configuring it all

Built into their hosting contracts is the assumption that you have geek skills yourself or you will purchase time with someone that does. 

When many hosting vendors boast of their friendly support, they fail to mention that its still technical support. Answers are friendly, prompt, accurate but still cryptic to the average person.

What if you called a geek hosting provider and asked:

  • How do I balance my web site and Facebook?
  • Can any of this new tech reduce my work load?
  • How do I address the rising use of mobile devices?

They will answer each with "I'm sorry sir/miss, that's not a service we provide."

Code Sail will take the time to understand your business problems and provide the technology to match.

Simple Hosting

Our entry level web site is a step up from what most providers offer. Service is the difference. It includes ability to grow into more full featured offerings without interruptions. Its the base from which your business can grow. Its like having your own info tech department at a fraction of the cost.

Services include:

  • web site hosting, generally space and network traffic are unlimited
  • as many email accounts are you need
  • secure private instant messaging
  • domain name management
  • migration from your current hosting provider
  • content management
  • make changes without requiring a web designer
  • web site redesign
  • nightly offsite backups
  • redundant connections to the internet
  • customizations welcome, please ask
  • costs starting at $10 per month


We'll integrate the shopping experience with the rest of your web site and business. That's important. It unifies your marketing and sales efforts. It makes both more effective.

Includes all features of Marketing Web Sites plus:

  • entirely web based, run your store from anywhere
  • secure encrypted shopping
  • integration with PayPal, credit card processors
  • shipping and sales tax
  • coupon management
  • back office order management
  • supports catalog only mode
  • bulk loading of products to save you time and typing
  • costs starting at $20 per month


Custom Web Sites

It use to take big budgets to develop custom web sites. Times have changed. There is a wide variety of components to reduce the effort needed. We'll understand your needs, select the components, meet your needs and develop the special pieces unique to your business.

Specialities include:

  • database transaction processing
  • data warehousing
  • custom attribute modeling and behaviors
  • instant messaging and presence
  • automated PDF creation
  • automated image processing
  • dynamic web browser user interfaces
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